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Comment 10 FEBRUARY 2012

Gowns and jewels arrive at the Savoy

"It's much more fun than the Oscars," says one stylist to the stars. "Here the stars are more willing to let their hair down, and see it for what it is – a hugely thrilling and glamorous event."

Charles Worthington was speaking to the Daily Mail ahead of the BAFTAs, at which he will be coiffing some of the glossiest manes in showbiz.





He will have his blowdryer at the ready in one of the style suites set up at the Savoy hotel.

But tresses are only the supporting act of any look. Handfuls of Escada dresses were seen being carried into the lavish hotel, for A-listers to try out.

Poppy Delevigne has already struck gold with her fitting – she will be wearing one of the luxury brand’s dresses on Sunday night. 

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