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Comment 13 FEBRUARY 2012

High jinks, hugs and Meryl's 'Cinderella moment'

While the focus might have been on the gongs, there was plenty of off-stage action to keep eagle-eyed celeb watchers happy at the BAFTAs.

A real life Cinderella moment ensued when former king of the Oscars, Colin Firth became Meryl Streep's prince charming – coming to her rescue when she lost a shoe.

There were kisses and hugs all round, but Colin's bromance with George Clooney left the Descendants star's usual best pal Brad out in the cold.



There were high jinks in the photo room and high spirits at the after-parties, one of which turned into a dance off.

But out of all the glam beauties in attendance the host of the evening, Miss Piggy, outshone them all. And with good reason – she had taken five hours to get herself red carpet ready.

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