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'Thanks for making facial hair OK': George Clooney and Stephen Fry vie for the night's best sound bite

Stephen Fry and his rapier wit lorded over the BAFTAs this year.

As a man whose CV checks off many of the entertainment industry’s boxes, he was the perfect host to introduce film to the funny side of life.


No sooner had the ceremony started than he rolled out his repertoire, comparing the British Oscars to "the perfume counter at Harrods" and claiming that Helena Bonham Carter was "drunk every day" on the set of Les Miserables.

His cracks set the bar for witty badinage, and some of the night’s other presenters took their cue from the main host – in more ways than one.

George Clooney, who, like Ben Affleck, sported a beard similar to the comedian's, thanked him "for making it OK for leading men to have facial hair".



The award for the night's best quotes are:

BAFTAs 2013: The night's best quotes

  • Billy Connolly: "I'm overwhelmed to be here, presenting an unsuspecting stranger with a death-mask on a stick." 
  • Daniel Day-Lewis: "Just in case I might have to speak at these awards, I've actually stayed in character as myself for the past 55-years."
  • Christoph Waltz to Quentin Tarantino: "You silver-penned devil, you!" 
  • George Clooney to Stephen Fry: "Thanks for making it OK for leading men to have facial hair."
  • Stephen Fry: "The BAFTAs are like the perfume counter at Harrods"
  • Stephen Fry: "This is a night of firsts -  it's the first time that Billy Connolly has been fully clothed in public".  
  • Argo director and leading man Ben Affleck on his dual role: "It was the easiest direction I've ever had in a movie."
  • Anne Hathaway on Eddie Redmayne's backstage disappearance: "Hey Eddie, get well soon. I'd come and hold your hair – but, you know."
  • BAFTA fellowship winner Alan Parker:  "When it was first mooted that I might get this award, I thought of what I'd like to say. And then 10 years went by."


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