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BAFTA stars celebrate their victory at glamorous after party

Stars from across the globe took to the BAFTA's after party to celebrate their accolades.

Hundreds of famous faces flocked to let their hair own at the Grosvenor House Hotel bash sponsored by Disaronno.

Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway were just a few of the a-listers in attendance at the event, leading the acting elite in their celebrations.

Bradley Cooper was quick to let his hair down at the proceedings, and took to the dancefloor to celebrate his awards success with Star Trek star Alice Eve. Shedding a tear when Silver Linings Playbook won the Best Adapted Screenplay gong, the actor partied through the night to celebrate the watershed moment in his career.


Bradley Cooper



Bradley's co-star Jennifer Lawrence was also seen enjoying the event's glamour. Cosying up to Shame star Michael Fassbender, the actress looked fully recovered from her traumatic bout of pneumonia in a glamorous maxi sequined gown.

Flying the flag for Britain, Gemma Arterton, Tom Hiddleston, Stephen Fry and Rising Star award winner Juno Temple were a few of the familiar faces experiencing the fun. Collecting her award in honour of her impressive burgeoning career in film-- Atonement and The Dark Night Rises being part of her filmography-- the 23-year-old said that collecting the gong was "a huge huge honour".



Outside of the film industry, many faces of the entertainment industry made themselves available for the date. Paloma Faith, Edith Bowman and The Noisettes frontwoman Shingai Shinowa all gathered together to pay homage to the world's acting talent. Handpicked as the official performer at the bash, Shingai revealed that she was glad to return to stardom on her own terms.

"It's so much pressure on artists these days to deliver an excessive amount of music and promo even before people have had the chance to digest your last output," said the Don’t Upset The Rhythm singer.

"You're already getting pressure to create something new." Speaking about her travels in Zimbabwe, Shingai said that her travelling helps her with her music.

"Whenever you're not thinking about ideas that's often when they occur to you. I am thinking about my next musical offering, and Africa is a massive inspiration."


For Samuel L Jackson, however, food was the only thing on his mind. Passing up on Grosvenor House's decadence, the star admitted that he wouldn't be partying tonight

The humble actor said "I'm going to eat. That's all I'm doing tonight."


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